Monday, October 6, 2008

How to break thru' the wall when sims are full

Shopping in SL can be pure hell especially when the sims are full and laggy. I’ve created a CC Minimum Lag Shopping AV ( 1 on the avatar rendering costs) and it is comes with a hip classic black and white outfit and a MAH Base Hair beret so you don’t have to be bald to shop (even Honey Fairweather got one!) You can also swap the skin and shape with your own.
The CC Minimum Lag Shopping AV comes in every hat purchase as part of the standard CC package but here I would like to share the instructions on HOW TO SHOP WHEN SIMS ARE FULL. It can benefit us all.
BTW there are also a selection of Base Hair Berets at Couture Chapeau for AVs who like to sail. (Check out the back part of the store).

1. Take off hair and any attachments including AOs. You can wear the MAH Base Hair Beret since it's not an attachment.
2. TP to landing point or a next door sim. Look at the map to identify the next door sim.
3. Walk in by keeping your arrow key pressed down constantly. It will require some effort but you will now have a better chance if you have no attachments on.
4. Once in, stand in one spot and cam around. Do not try to walk. It is IMPOSSIBLE!

1. Stand on sim next door.
2. If you don't have your full SL menu on top of your screen, open it with Alt Control D.
3. In Client, click disable camera restraints.
4. In Edit, in Preferences, make sure in graphics you have maximum draw distance.
5. Cam in and buy. It was actually less laggy.


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