Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrate with hats!

Couture Chapeau has released four totally FUN hats just in time for your New Year's Eve Celebrations!
These high quality hats come with sounds and animations which will make you laugh right into 2009. All hats have a resizing menu for a no fuss fit and there is even a sculptie lampshade hat with a surprise animation!
All hats are transferable and Demos are available. Each hat comes with three balloons and a resizable poster for you to decorate your party!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Perfect gift for the man in your life

Couture Chapeau has just released the Indiana Jones Fedora Series of eight fabulous sculptie hats with realistic textures.
The hats feature a resizing menu for a no fuss fit and demos are available in the store. Look for them on the back wall of the Men's Dept.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Colour Changing Hats in Champagne Collection

Included in the Champagne Collection are four colour changing hats (CCH).
These hats feature a menu which changes the crown of the hat and embellishments to four different colours (ruby, emerald or champagne, ebony and white diamond).
It's like having four hats in ONE hat!
All hats have a resizing menu and are transferable so you can give as gifts!
Here is the Gossett Chapeau, with a wide brim piped in white. The hat features toile netting which changes into the four different colours. This hat is a very forgiving with prim hair and will work with almost all styles including updos!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Launch a fabulous success!

The Champagne Chapeau Collection launch on December 6th was a huge success. The sim was full for the entire duration and only one model crashed! She was able to log back on instantly and didn't miss a beat!
I want to thank Balthazar Fouroux, the show's producer for creating the stylish and dramatic runway and the exquisite champagne glass TPs to the show platform.The show pictures can be viewed at Snapzilla and also in the store on a Champagne bottle slide show!
Thanks again to all collaborators for providing the fabulous clothes and accessories; Jojo Designs, Prism Haute Couture, a piece of Candy and Kat Kreations. A special thank you to the models who were a dream to work with!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Peace On Earth Hunt to begin!

On the eve of the largest freebie hunt in SL, I am giving you a sneak view of SOME of the items in my globe! Not shown are a fabulous men's winter white top hat and an incredible tree ornament from Leo's Tiny Spot!