Monday, August 30, 2010

My RL Birthday gift to you!

My Birthday gift to you - MAH My Fair Lady Rose Chapeau - Last Summer Fling

I am celebrating my Real Life Birthday by giving YOU a gift!
It's an exclusive hat and matching scarf from a new line called My Fair Lady Rose Chapeau.
This gorgeous sculpty hat comes with realistic roses, luxurious silk textures and a low lag resizing script for the perfect fit!
Look for it on the counter and buy for 0 L! I'm leaving it out for the week until midnight September 3.
Check out the complete line on the wall behind the counter (top left.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Best kept secret in SL

Did you know that Couture Chapeau carries the largest and best collection of men's hats in SL?
Made from the highest quality sculpties and textures (all exclusive to Couture Chapeau), you can find almost any of the popular men's hats - from bowlers,
tophats,newsboy caps, biker hats, cowboy hats, pork pies, medieval cavalier hats, turbans and of course fedoras!

We also have:
Transferable DEMOS for you to take home to your man to try
Transferable Hat Hair for only 5 L so he doesn't have to fuss!
All hats feature a no fuss resizing menu for a perfect fit!

Look for them in the Mad About Hats Department in the middle of the store at Couture Chapeau.

Check out the photos of just a small sampling of the incredible selection.

Mad About Hats - Aristohat Bowler Brown

Mad About Hats - Aristohat Tophat Ebony

Mad About Hats - Black leather newsboy cap

Mad About Hats - Part of Unisex Brogue hat series 1

Mad About Hats Pork Pie series 1

Mad About Hats - Dessert Turban with six colour option

Mad About Hats Cowboy Hats - Series 1

We have the classic replica of the Casablanca Bogart's Fedora and the very now Soca Fedora worn by all the hippest people on the planet!

Mad About Hats - Ultimate Bogie Fedora

MAH Soca Fedora Pitch

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Parker Power Topper in HWOF

I don't take part in many hunts but this one I thought was just up my alley!
The Hollywood Walk of Fame (HWOF,) like the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt (CAHH)is innovative, fun and has given creators a chance to really explore outside the box.
For my entry, my celebrity is the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker and I created the Parker Power Topper! Enjoy!

Parker Power Topper - Only found in the HWOF Hunt at Couture Chapeau.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

CC Diana Feature Hat #2

CC Diana Balmoral Chapeau - White with Blue Pinstripe

CC Diana Balmoral Chapeau - Black Honeycomb

CC Diana Balmoral Chapeau - Lovely in Lilac

This gorgeous classic hat was worn by Princess Diana at many royal events. A wonderful stylish sunhat, it adds immediate sophistication to any suit.
All hats feature a low lag resizing menu for a perfect fit!

ML Diana Not So Classic Pinstripe Suit

Check out the Miss London 'Not So Classic Pinstripe Suit' which is chic, sexy and features beautiful details. It looks fabulous with the matching Balmoral White Chapeau.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Coolest Fedora in SL!

Soca Fedora Straw

Soca Fedora Seed

Soca Fedora Rum

Soca Fedora Pitch

Soca Fedora Cane

Couture Chapeau has recently released THE COOLEST FEDORA in SL.
Nicknamed the Soca Fedora, this hat is the fashion statement for all the hippest models and movie stars. In five amazingly realistic textures, this high quality sculpty hat also features a lag free resizing script for a perfect fit.
Check them out in the middle of the store with the NEW sign. You can't miss it!