Friday, January 28, 2011

A new level of style and quality! Vogue Hat No. 1

CC Vogue No. 1
The amazing first Vogue Limited Edition Hat - the CC Vogue No. 1. has just been released!
This hat is like no other in SL, built with the most realistic sculpts and treated with the finest textures to capture all the subtle nuances of a great hat. The hat is scripted to offer: 1. 8 colours to go with any of your outfits, so it's like having eight hats! 2. Low lag resizing script for a no fuss fit. AND...the hat comes with SEPARATE HAT HAIR, a stylish Bob in four colours! ONLY 100 hats will be available for sale and then it will be gone from inworld forever! Come check out a DEMO today. Look for the display in the window to the right of the landing point (West Wing of Store).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Complete Mariachi Suits - with sombrero and guitar!

Couture Chapeau now has authentic Mariachi suits with a sombrero and animated guitar!
These highly detailed sets include; unisex jacket, pants, prim necktie, collar and unisex ruffle shirt. All copiable with a No Fuss Fit resize menu!
In red and traditional black, sets are for men and women to ensure a perfect fit!
Look for them in the middle of the store next to the Mariachi model!
Psst... you can also pick up the guitar on the counter for just 10 L!

ML Mariachi Suit - Female Red

ML Mariachi Suit - Female Black

ML Mariachi Suit - Male Red

ML Mariachi Suit - Male Black