Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Perfect Date - Avalon Public Gallery

So you wanna impress your bf, gf or bff? Then take them on a date to the Avalon Public Gallery where the folks at Avalon have the most astounding exhibition of art which is free for all to enjoy.
It won't cost you a cent... well except you MUST get dressed in M - Perfect Little Tan Dress and accessorize it with the MAH Sinatra Fedora.  But really, a small price to pay to look as good as the art!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art & Fashion at Avalon

ART & FASHION - an unbeatable connection

Avalon Town Estate is a vibrant Second Life community that was conceived late in 2006 and is renowned for art exhibitions, music performances, shopping and equestrian events.
I will be showcasing a few of these treasures starting with this fun installation at the Avalon Estates Welcome Hall.
I'm wearing the latest release from the MEILING Couture Collection along with one of my all time favourite hats, the CC LaFitte Chapeau from the Champagne Collection.

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