Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uber Hip Pork Pie Hats

CLOCKWISE: Patches, Rust, Red Plaid, Music

CLOCKWISE: Classic Black, White & Black, Houndstooth, Black and White

These utterly realistic sculpty Pork Pie Fedoras are perfect for SL performers and their adoring fans - from rock stars to jazz musicians. Made famous by the great Thelonius Monk and Frank Sinatra, they are now being worn by Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom and Jason Marz!
These hats come with a terrific animation, drum 'ba da dum' and of course feature the easy to fit resizing menu.
Check out the demos at Couture Chapeau on the back wall in the UNISEX section and on the counter.
BTW... they look super cool on women too!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Boho Scarf Set

Your wardrobe is not complete without this MUST have accessory! The neck and belt scarf set features an 8 colour and resizable menu so you can match them to any outfit and fit to almost any shape! (The belt scarf has been designed to be forgiving to even the most 'hippy' of women.) Mix and match to your heart's content!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Showgirl Costumes

CC Easter Bunny ShowGirl Costume

CC Easter Egg Showgirl Costume

Easter has never been sexier with these Mardi Gras/Showgirl costumes! Each one has been meticulously created with gorgeous sculpties and the bikini top and bottom come in different layers so you can flaunt your trademark tatoo!
Look for them in the incredible central display at Couture Chapeau and while you are there take your pic infront of the larger than life props and check out the best animated Easter baskets in SL. Everyone is raving over them!