Saturday, July 24, 2010

CC Diana Collection on Fabulous Fashions TV!

The Diana Hat Collection was featured on Fabulous Fashions TV this week in the Accessories segment!
You can check out the show (second part of Episode 61) at

To celebrate this incredible opportunity, I made a special signature CC Diana Swoosh Chapeau and it's only 10 L!
This MENU animated hat has a removable veils and is resizable.
Look for the hat in Couture Room, SW corner of the store.

Special thanks to Kay Fairey for inviting me to present my hats!
Kay is currently the Boulevard Agency Director and Miss Virtual World (MVW) Modeling Academy CEO. Tune in and discover new designers and some fabulous accessories.

The Style File:

Japanese blog: Kayのモデル日記

Kay Fairey on Flickr:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CC Diana Plume Chapeau

To continue our celebration of style icon Princess Diana, Couture Chapeau features the "CC Diana Plume Chapeau" which she wore in Sicily. It is a clever felt hat with a felt feather embellishment.
These hats are made from high quality exclusive sculpties and are scripted with a NO LAG, NO FUSS FIT resizing menu.
Look for the hat in Couture Room, SW corner of the store.

CC Diana Plume Chapeau - Pink

CC Diana Plume Chapeau - Black & White

CC Diana Plume Chapeau - Red & White

Celebrating Diana & her Royal Hats

On July 1, 2010, the former Princess Diana, would have been 49 years old!
To pay tribute to her incredible sense of style and flair, Couture Chapeau presents
Celebrating Diana and her Royal Hats!
The hats are based on replicas of her famous hats and many have been restyled for a more contemporary look. They are copiable and modifiable with a Menu.
Five outfits are also available in the MISS LONDON line in the style which we think Diana would have loved!
Look for the new collection in the Couture Room (SW corner of store).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I just HAD to!

Le Monstre de Niagara

Couture Chapeau/Mad About Hats, just HAD to participate in these two hunts just becoz of the names!
The Mad as a Hatter Hunt
Crazy Arse Hair Hunt
Start looking at my store and work your way through these two fun hunts which will end on July 30.
I guarantee you that you will freak when you see my items in the especially in the CAHH!
The photo above is the BEFORE when you first wear the hair. You will have to see the AFTER on your own!